iDogmate Small Automatic Pet Dog Ball Thrower - Tennis Ball Launcher - Puppy or Small Dog Fetch - Ball Throwing Machine - Pet Dog Toy with 1.75" balls

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Why to Choose iDogmate launcher:

1. Rechargeable battery to save your money to keep purchasing the cell batteries;

2. Durable&washable ball( hard-chewy) for iDogmate launcher to save your money to keep purchasing pet TENNIS balls which will be dirty very easier and broken by hard chewy.

3. Patented wheels desgin and internal ball pusher to avoid any slobbery ball stuck.


Automatic Pet Dog Tennis Ball Launcher - Pet Toy - Ball throwing  Machine - Dog Toy for Puppies and Small Dogs.

Great gift for your puppy or small pet dog. Your dog will love playing fetch with this pet toy. It's safe, and easy to train your dog to play by himself with this Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher Pet Toy Machine.

Great Exercise for your dog's health. Your dog will have so much fun playing with this toy for hours...... and will love you for it!

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  • The Shortest launcher with the height of 6.25" for  mini,small Dog and Puppy.
  • Launches a ball several speed options.It's easy to set these  speed options or select the variable setting to keep your pup guessing
  • iDogmate Small balls are 1.75 inches in diameter.They are felted like tennis balls, but made for dogs and non-abrasive on their teeth.
  • Runs on AC adapter(included) or rechargeable Li-ion battery(included) which supports up to 250 launches when full charged.Automatic power saver.90 degree adapter connector to prevent accidental removal.
  • Large hopper 4.75*4.75 inches.This large hopper makes it easy for your small pet or puppy to recharge the iDogmate launcher with a ball.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.Teach your dog how to play for hours and hours of fun and enjoyment.Play with your dog or let your dog play alone.